Is a caravan a high sided vehicle?

What is considered a high sided vehicle?

Anything over 2.9mtr is classed as high sided.

What vehicle is least affected by side winds?

Although cars are the least likely to be affected, side winds can take anyone by surprise. This is most likely to happen after overtaking a large vehicle, when passing gaps between hedges or buildings, and on exposed sections of road.

What should you do as you pass a high sided vehicle?

Explanation: The draught caused by other vehicles – particularly those with high sides – could be strong enough to push you out of your lane. Be prepared for a sudden gust of wind as you pass large vehicles. Keep both hands on the steering wheel to help you keep full control.

What is a high sided vehicle UK?

*High Sided Vehicle* is classed as anything over 2.9m – Please check this before attempting to cross a bridge with restrictions due to wind.

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What is a sided vehicle?

a tall vehicle such as a lorry or double-decker bus.

Which vehicles are most likely to be affected by high wind?

Explanation: In very windy conditions, certain types of vehicle can be blown off course. These include box vans, curtain-siders, caravans and motorcycles. Make allowances for how the wind might affect these vehicles, especially if you’re overtaking.

What vehicles are affected by side wind?

High-sided vehicles are most affected by windy weather, but strong gusts can also blow a car, cyclist, motorcyclist or horse rider off course. This can happen on open stretches of road exposed to strong crosswinds, or when passing bridges or gaps in hedges.

What vehicle is most likely to be affected by side winds?

Explanation: You should be aware that motorcyclists are likely to be affected by side wind and can be blown into your path.

What part of the car does the law require you?

Explanation: Unless exempt, you and your passengers must wear a seat belt (or suitable child restraint). The seat belts in your car must be in good condition and working properly; they’ll be checked during its MOT test.

What should you do when overtaking at night?

If another driver is overtaking you, then keep your headlights on full beam until they’re level, as this extra light can help them perform the manoeuvre safely. Once they’ve pulled past, return your headlights to dip.

Where would you anticipate problems when you’re driving a high sided vehicle on a windy day?

Explanation: In windy weather, try to avoid routes where you would have to drive across suspension bridges and other exposed stretches of road.

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What is a vulnerable vehicle?

A vulnerable road user is typically defined by two categories – protection and capability. A road user is vulnerable due to a lack of protection. For example, unlike a car driver who is protected from impact by the vehicle shell and safety features, a cyclist will have very little in the way of impact protection.

What are the side lights on a car?

What Are Sidelights For? Sidelights, also known as “Parking Lights” serve as an alternative to your dipped beam headlights. Drivers typically turn their sidelights on when it is dark or cloudy and the natural lighting is low but not dark enough to put their dipped beams on. They also serve another purpose.

What is a windscreen pillar?

The A-pillars, often referred to as windscreen pillars, are the upright stanchions that frame your windscreen. As well as adding extra support to the front end of the vehicle, they also hold the windscreen in place.