Is 351m a good engine?

How much horsepower does a 351M have?

Factory Power Ratings

Model Year Engine Horsepower @ RPM (SAE net, except ’71)
1978 351M (car/truck) 152 @ 3400 / 156 @ 4000
1978 400 (car/truck) 160 @ 3800 / 158 @ 3800
1979 351M (car/truck) 151 @ 3400 / 156 @ 4000
1979 400 (car/truck) 159 @ 3800 / 159 @ 3800

Is 351 ma good engine?

Ford’s 351W engines are virtually bulletproof. The blocks, even on the 1975+ models, are very stout and will not give any problems until serious power is added. The rods, pistons, and other internal components are rock solid as well. Overall, the 351 Windsor is a tough engine and is built to take a beating.

Is a Ford 351M a big block?

The 351C used the “Small Block” bellhousing bolt pattern. The 351M/400 used the “Big Block” bellhousing bolt pattern.

What was the last year of the 351M engine?

Ford used the M-block (351M/400) V8 engine from 1977 to 1982, and it was a mainstay of their light truck programs.

What does the M stand for in 351M?

Some claim the “M” stands for “Modified” – being modified from a 400-V8 with a shortened stroke – though others claim that the “M” refers to the Michigan Casting Center, where the 351M began production.

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Is a 351M the same as a 400?

the 351M and 400 are two different engines, they are mostly interchangeable, the 351M has a 3.5″ stroke, the 400 has a 4.0″ stroke.

What is a 351 modified 400 engine?

351 Modified

It’s based on the 400 Modified engine (see note on nomenclature in the opening paragraph), which was essentially a 351C with a longer stroke. Unlike the 351C however, the 400 blocks had the bellhousing bolt pattern of 385-series big blocks. It also had a higher deck height to accommodate the longer stroke.

What year 351W is best?

Registered. From what I have read, the best year for 351W blocks are 1969, 70, and 71. For some reason these were the strongest 351W ever produced, but very hard to find.

Is a 351 Cleveland better than a 351 Windsor?

The 351 Cleveland is a member of the 335 series family of Ford small-block engines. Its large ports and oversize canted valves give it more horsepower and allow it to run at a higher rpm than the Windsor. The valve covers have a twisting curve and are attached by eight bolts.

What transmissions will fit a 351M?

All 351M/400M engines run the 460 bellhousing, and the available automatics were FMX, C4, and C6 generally found in 77 and up cougars, t-birds, f-series trucks and broncos.

How many liters is a 351M?

The 351 cubic inch engines (both 351 Windsor and 351M) were referred to as 5.8 liters, and the 400 cubic inch engine was referred to as 6.6 liters.

How do I identify a 351M engine?

the easiest to spot is the exhaust manifold bolts, the Cleveland, 351M/400 have diagonal bolts and the W has horizontal bolts all in a row.

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IS 351C a Big Block?

Bellhousing bolt patterns such as the “Small Block” pattern are in use in the 351C. A large bellhousing bolt pattern referred to as the “Big Block” was used in the 351M/400.

Are 351 Cleveland engines good?

While a stock 351C is a reliable engine they start to become more problematic once additional power is added. The thin cylinder walls create potential reliability issues and block cracks with overboring, and the oiling system is inadequate without modifications.

Is Ford 400 a Big Block?

Is The Ford 400 A Small Block Engine? As it has the same bore centers as the smaller block, THE 400 is considered small. Because the 400 uses a low speed and high torque motor, it can be described as miniature. During the 400’s heyday, detonation was not so good.