Your question: How do you lubricate a blower motor?

Can you use WD40 on blower?

Never use WD-40! Lubricate the bushings on both sides of the motor. Mike W. Take it out and lube it, and as was said, emphatically not with WD40.

How do you stop a blower motor from squeaking?

Spin the fan half a turn and spray a little more WD-40 to get the other side. Give it a few minutes to work in while spinning the fan a few times. Now you should be able to spin the fan without the motor making any noise.

Which oil is best for fan motor?

Our Top 5 Lubricant for electric Fan Motor

  1. 3-IN-ONE 10038 Multi-Purpose Oil. …
  2. WD-40 Smart Straw Sprays 2 Ways. …
  3. CRC – 3045 Power Lube. …
  4. Lucas Oil 10393 Penetrant Aerosol. …
  5. CRC 03081 Machine Oil Spray.

What kind of oil do you use in an electric motor?

The grease consistency preferred for electric motors is normally NLGI 2 or 3, with a base oil viscosity of 100-150 cSt @ 40°C. Other characteristics to look for include good channeling characteristics, low oil bleed, oxidation resistance, anti-wear additives, and mechanical stability.

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How do I make my furnace blower quieter?

How to Quiet a Noisy Furnace Blower: 9 Easy Ways

  1. Adjust Furnace Fan Speed.
  2. Clean Furnace Blower Fan.
  3. Replace Furnace Blower Bearings.
  4. Check Motor Mount for Loose Connections.
  5. Tighten the Set Screw.
  6. Change The Belt Drive.
  7. Try Sound Insulation Solutions.
  8. Replace The Motor or Fan Blade.

Does a blower motor leak oil?

Your air conditioners fan motor leaking oil likely means that the bearings and gaskets of the motor are coming apart because your motor has worked a lot. This can be a problem because it can break down and cause your air conditioner to not deliver comfortable air.

How do you lubricate a small electric motor?

Electric Motor Bearing Lubrication Procedure

  1. Ensure the grease gun contains the appropriate lubricant.
  2. Clean the areas around the relief and fill fittings.
  3. Remove the grease relief valve or drain plug.
  4. Grease the bearing with a calculated amount of grease. …
  5. Watch for grease coming out the relief port.

How often should you grease an electric motor?

In general, for oil bath lubrication where the operating temperature is 50°C (120°F) or less, oil should be replaced once a year. When the operating temperature is between 80°C – 100°C (176°F – 212°F), oil should be replaced at least every three months.

Why is the blower motor making noise?

A screeching or squealing sound coming from your furnace blower motor could mean there is a bad belt or an issue with the motor bearings. Replace the belt with the correct part for your furnace if necessary (Reference your manual to be sure, or call a furnace repair specialist).

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What causes blower motor squeal?

Worn-out blower motor bearings are a major cause of the furnace blower squealing. This happens as the bearings wear out from the continuous friction of the blower motor during operation. If this is the case with your furnace, the solution would be to replace the bearings.

Why is my blower motor so loud?

The blower motor needs routine lubrication, and often a specific kind of lubrication to upkeep performance and function over time. Otherwise, the fan might seize up and cause a loud noise (and an even louder repair bill). If you are knowledgeable of the process, you can add lubrication to the motor.