Which is the longest range electric car?

What is the longest range electric car 2020?

Longest Range Electric Cars for 2020

  • 2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range: 322 miles of range.
  • 2020 Tesla Model X Long Range: 328 miles of range.
  • 2020 Tesla Model S Long Range: 373 miles of range.
  • 2020 Rivian R1T: 400+ miles of range.
  • 2020 Tesla Roadster: 620 miles of range.

What is the true range of a Tesla?

The Tesla Model 3 dual motor, long-range is EPA-rated at 322 miles per charge and is one of the most efficient EVs available today. In our 70 mph highway range test, we were able to drive a total of 290 miles (467 km) with an average consumption rating of 4.25 mi/kWh (14.59 kWh/100 km).

What electric car in the UK has longest range?

Tesla Model S: 412 miles

In Long Range guise, the Tesla Model S boasts the longest range of any electric car available in the UK. Its 100kWh battery delivers up to 412 miles of range, but it comes with an £84,000 price tag.

Which electric SUV has longest range?

The Tesla Model X is the electric SUV with the longest range

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According to Cars.com, the Tesla Model X has a max range of 351 miles on a full charge.

Which electric car is most reliable?

The 7 Most Reliable Electric Vehicles for 2022

  • 2022 Kia Niro EV.
  • 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV.
  • 2022 Honda Insight.
  • 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric.
  • 2022 Nissan LEAF.
  • 2022 Toyota Prius Prime.
  • 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Which hybrid car has the longest range?

Longest Range Plug-In Hybrids For 2021

  • 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime: Electric Range 42 Miles. …
  • 2021 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid: Electric Range 47 Miles. …
  • 2021 Polestar 1: Electric Range 52 Miles. …
  • 2021 Karma GS-6: Electric Range 61 Miles. …
  • 2021 BMW i3 REx: Electric Range 126 Miles.

How much do new Tesla batteries cost?

Tesla battery replacement cost varies depending on the labor and parts needed. Typically, the most basic battery replacement in tesla costs between $13,000 and $14,000. For the Model S premium sedan, replacing a Tesla battery costs around $13,000-$20,000.

How far can a Tesla go at 70 mph?

Tesla’s site estimates the driving range of the Plaid with the standard 19″ wheels at 396 miles (up from 390 miles that they previously published). However, they never officially certified the vehicle with the 19″ wheels.

About our 70-mph range tests:

Category Range Test
Body Style Sedan

How much does it cost to fully charge a Tesla?

The Tesla Model X costs about $15.29 to fully charge, which comes out to about 4.5 cents per mile. It will cost around $7.65 to charge a Tesla Model 3. Depending on the variant, this is between 3 and 4 cents per mile. If you own a Tesla Model S, you can expect to pay about 3.7 per mile.

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Which Taycan has the longest range?

The GTS has a range figure of up to 313 miles with this battery, which is the longest range of any Taycan model on sale.

Which diesel car has the longest range?

1. 2018 Jaguar XF 20d: 731 miles (42 mpg highway, 17.4-gallon tank) The diesel, rear-wheel-drive version of the 2018 XF combines fuel economy with a large gas tank to give the most range of any vehicle around. For perspective, 731 miles gets you from Los Angeles to the Bay Area and back without a fill-up.