What vehicles are exempt from emissions in Colorado?

What year vehicles are exempt from emissions in Colorado?

Vehicles model year 1976 to 1984 that have been registered as a “collector’s item” prior to Sept. 1, 2009, and the registration has never lapsed or expired, do not require an emissions inspection and there is no mileage restriction.

How old does a car have to be to be exempt from emissions in Colorado?

The exemption from emissions inspection for vehicles that have not yet reached eight years old from Manufacturer Statement of Origin applies to all vehicles, including those brought into the program area from other parts of Colorado or another state.

Do all cars need emissions test in Colorado?

Yes. Colorado does require emissions tests but not for all vehicles. For example, the state requires emissions tests for many vehicles that are more than seven model years old.

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What year cars need emissions Colorado?

Vehicles from a model year of 1981 or older must have an emissions test annually; vehicles from model year 1982 and newer must test every other year.

Do all counties in Colorado require emissions testing?

Emissions testing of gas‑ and diesel‑powered vehicles is required when registering or selling vehicles in Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson counties, and in portions of Adams, Arapahoe, Larimer, and Weld counties, as shown in the Air Care Colorado program area maps.

What is considered a classic car in Colorado?

A car is considered a classic in Colorado if it’s at least 32 years old, was manufactured before 1975 or after 1976, was registered as a collector’s item prior to September 1, 2009, and has passed an emissions test.

Can you pass Colorado emissions with check engine light on?

Vehicles 8 through 11 years old will be inspected using onboard diagnostics (OBD). If the “Check Engine” light is turned on, these vehicles will fail the inspection and need repairs.

Does a 1992 car need emissions?

Some passenger cars first used during the “transition” period (i.e. 1 August 1992 to 1 August 1995) and some light goods vehicles and large passenger cars first used on or after 1 August 1994 were not required to be manufactured to the EC standards requiring advanced emissions control systems to be fitted.

How much is a VIN verification in Colorado?

Contact your local Colorado State Patrol Office for Colorado VIN Certification information. As of August 2, the fee for a certified VIN inspection is $50, cash or check only. Credit and debit cards are not accepted. In some cases, additional forms may be required.

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Does Douglas County Colorado require emissions testing?

Registration and renewal fees can differ from county to county. As a result, the cost of registering or renewing vehicles in Douglas County may be more or less than your previous county of residence. Prior to registering a vehicle in Douglas County, an emissions inspection may be required.

How much is an emissions test in Colorado?

Emissions inspections for gasoline-powered vehicles model year 1982 and newer cost $25. Emissions tests for gasoline-powered vehicles model year 1981 and older cost $15 and are required every year. AirCare Colorado inspection stations accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card for payment.

How do I get an emissions test in Colorado?

Fully warm up your vehicle before testing. Until your vehicle is at normal operating temperature, it emits excess pollution. Run your vehicle at highway speed for at least 15 minutes prior to undergoing an emissions test. Limit use of air conditioning and defroster if possible.

How do I get around my emissions test?

Use These Clever Tips to Pass Your Emissions Test

  1. Get an oil change. …
  2. Inflate your tires. …
  3. Get a tune-up. …
  4. Warm your car up. …
  5. Resolve an illuminated check engine light. …
  6. Use a fuel additive. …
  7. Pretest or free retest.

Does Air Care Colorado do VIN verification?

A VIN verification may be obtained at any Air Care Colorado inspection facility. If your vehicle also requires an emissions inspection, simply let the inspector know that you also need a VIN verification at the time of inspection. If your vehicle does not require an inspection, do not drive into the inspection lanes.

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How long is an emissions test valid in Colorado?

Most vehicles do not require an inspection until they are eight years old. Once they have reached age, most 1982-and-newer vehicles are inspected every two years while most 1981-and-older vehicles are inspected annually.