What is the rpm of a 6 pole motor?

What is the RPM of a 6 pole motor at 50Hz?

Using this equation, a 4-pole motor at 60Hz has a speed of 1,800 rpm, while a 6-pole motor at 50Hz has a speed of 1,000 rpm.

How many RPM is a 4 pole motor?

Two pole AC motors operating at 60 Hz will always run at approximately 3600 rpm, and four pole AC motors will have speeds around 1800 rpm. Example 120 x 60 hertz / 4 poles = 1,800 rpm.

How do you calculate RPM from a pole?

Poles = number of poles of your motor. So, for example, if you have a 4 pole motor on 60 Hz then RPM=60*(2/4)*60=1800 rpm.

Can a 60hz motor run on 50hz?

For a generic answer: yes you can, IF: you reduce the voltage by 50/60, the equipment doesn’t care, you don’t care about potentially overheating the motor, the process/load can tolerate the lower speed/torque, etc.

How do you find the RPM of a motor?

To determine RPM for an AC induction motor, you multiply the frequency in Hertz (Hz) by 60 — for the number of seconds in a minute — by two for the negative and positive pulses in a cycle. Yourself then divide by the number of poles the motor has: (Hz x 60 x 2) / number of poles = no-load RPM.

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What is a 6 pole motor?

The pole count of a motor is the number of permanent magnetic poles, north and south, on the rotor. There is always the same number of north and south poles on the rotor. For example, in a 12 pole motor, there are 6 north poles and 6 south poles. This motor would also be considered a 6 pole-pair motor.

How many RPM is a 12 pole motor?

12-pole motors, which are even less common than six-pole and eight-pole models, run at 600 RPM without a load, and 16-pole motors run at 450 RPM.

What is the RPM of 12V DC motor?

18000 RPM, 12V DC Motor.

How many rpm is 60 Hz?

So, the answer to the question “what is 60 hertz in rotations per minute?” is 3600 rpm.

What is the rpm of 3 phase motor?

Three Phase Induction Motor, Speed: 500-3000 RPM.

What is motor RPM?

RPM is a short-form of Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). It is a unit of rotational/ angular speed that indicates the rate of revolution of the rotor component i.e., the number of full rotations the rotor makes per minute. Simply, RPM is a measure used to describe the rotational speed of the motor’s spindle/motor shaft.

How many Poles does a 1200 rpm motor have?

Synchronous rotation speed at different frequencies and number of poles

Shaft rotation speed – n – (rev/min, rpm)
Frequency – f – (Hz) Number of poles – p –
501) 3000 1000
602) 3600 1200
70 4200 1400

How do you calculate speed from RPM?

Multiply the circumference by the object’s angular speed, measured in rpm. For example, if it rotates at 400 rpm: 87.98 × 400 = 35,192. This is the object’s surface speed, measured in inches per minute. Divide this answer by 63,360, which is the number of inches in a mile: 35,192 ÷ 63,360 = 0.555.

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