Question: How do you clear the engine code with a scanner?

Can you clear a check engine light with a scanner?

You plug an OBD-II scanner tool into it and, in most cases, out pops a code that tells you what the problem is. The scanner also allows you to clear the vehicle’s internal code, which is what triggered the check-engine light. Do that, and the warning light will turn off.

How do I clear my engine light with OBD2?

Connect the OBD2 dongle to the connector. Make sure the adapter is tightly attached but don’t use too much force. Turn ignition key to the ON position. Don’t start the engine because to reset the light, the engine shouldn’t be running.

Do all obd2 scanner erase codes?

In order to properly clear or erase OBDII codes, it is better to use a scanner. It really doesn’t matter if you have a wired or wireless scanner. Any kind of scanner will do, as long as the scan tool can read, diagnose, and erase trouble codes.

Will disconnecting the battery clear fault codes?

If you leave the battery disconnected for about 15 minutes, the vehicle systems will be completely reset when the battery is reconnected. It will clear the error codes and reset the check engine light if the battery is disconnected.

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