How do I know if I have a c6 transmission?

What is a C6 transmission?

The Ford C6 is a heavy-duty automatic transmission built by Ford Motor Company between 1966 and 1996. It was marketed as the “SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic”. Compared to its predecessor MX transmission, the C6 offered lower weight, less complexity, less parasitic power loss, and greater torque capacity for larger engines.

How do I know if my C6 has a small block transmission?

The bell housing in located on the front of the transmission. The torque converter sits inside the bell housing. If a seam exists between the bell housing and the center of the transmission, the transmission is not a C6.

What is the difference between a C4 and a C6 transmission?

The C4 transmission was primarily used in cars. The C6 transmission could handle more power. Due to the ability to handle more power, the C6 transmission was used in many Ford trucks with bigger engines, and in larger cars that were manufactured with bigger engines.

How do I identify my Ford transmission?

The prime identification source is the pan located on the bottom of the transmission; its shape and bolt count is indicative of which model transmission is present.

  1. Inspect the pan found on the bottom of the transmission. …
  2. Count the number of bolts on the transmission pan.
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Will a 302 bolt up to a C6 transmission?

Will A Ford 302 Bolt Up To A C6 Transmission? It is possible to fit a c6 with a smallblock bellhousing pattern FE pattern, but it is not the same. It should be able to handle a 302 with a mild cam, a 4 bbl intake, and a good set of headers.

What engines bolt to a C6 transmission?

Making it the perfect transmission for Ford to pair with their 351W, 351C, 428, 429, 460, and 462 gasoline V8’s. Along with the 7.3L diesel.

Does a C6 transmission have overdrive?

It’s the most advanced iteration of the three-speed Ford C6, but you need not perform major surgery** to gain some of its engineering superiority. Adding overdrive to a C6 is physically impossible, but the 4R100 can donate its forward planetary gear set for shorter first and second gear ratios.

How much power can a C6 transmission handle?

According to Kokonis the company uses stock input shafts for applications up to 1,000 hp. Pushing past that limit requires the CK Performance billet input shaft. Other standard modifications are stronger C6 planetary carriers.

Are C6 transmissions good?

the c6 is a pretty strong trans, theyve been known to handle 500hp plus engines untouched for a good amount of time. its a very stout trans, just lacks overdrive.

Is the Ford C6 transmission a 4 speed?

Transmission Types

The C6 is a non-electronic, three-speed transmission. The AOD features a four-speed, non-electronic transmission. It was not until 1992 that Ford introduced the electronic version of the AOD, the AODE.

Does VIN number tell your transmission?

For many makes, the VIN is always enough information to determine transmission.

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What transmission Do I have E90?

BMW 3 Series (E90)

BMW 3 Series (E90/E91/E92/E93)
Transmission 6-speed manual 6-speed ZF 6HP automatic 7-speed dual-clutch
Wheelbase 2,760 mm (108.7 in)
Length 4,520–4,610 mm (178.0–181.5 in)

What Ford transmission has 17 pan bolts?

The AXOD transaxle has 17 bolts to retain its fluid pan.