Frequent question: How do I know if my transmission has Aisin?

What year Rams have Aisin transmission?

The Ram started using the Aisin Seiki six-speed AS68RC automatic transmission in 2007, as an option on all of its diesel-powered chassis cab trucks; the transmission was rated at 750 lb-ft of input torque capacity.

What trucks have the Aisin transmission?

Which Trucks Have Aisin Transmissions?

  • RAM 3500 Cab Chassis.
  • RAM 4500 Cab Chassis.
  • RAM 5500 Cab Chassis.
  • RAM 3500 Pickup.

How do I know what transmission RAM I have?

Look inside the truck cab on the driver’s side to see if there is a clutch pedal. If there is a clutch pedal, this means that the Dodge Ram has a manual transmission. If there is no clutch pedal, then the truck has an automatic transmission.

What companies use Aisin transmission?

Aisin AW supplies automatic transmissions to 55 automotive manufacturers around the world, virtually every major OEM. These include General Motors, Ford, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Saab, VW, Volvo, Hyundai, MINI among others.

Which is better 68RFE or Aisin?

In stock form the Aisin is slightly better than the 68RFE but when you start adding power neither one of them hold up very well and both are expesnive to build, the Aisin being even more expensive than the 68RFE.

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Is the Aisin transmission worth it?

It isn’t worth it for the extra power cause the standard CTD has plent of that already, but if you tow heavy a lot the Aisin may hold up better and it does have lower 1st and 2nd gears. But the consensus seems to be that the 68RFE is a pretty solid unit as well, at least at stock output.

Is the Aisin transmission any good?

The Aisin is an excellent and very heavy duty transmission. The torque converter is the tightest I’ve ever experienced. The lockup strategy is flawless and makes the trans very efficient, it NEVER gets hot under any circumstances. It has nice low 1st gear and a good OD ratio.

Can I get an Aisin transmission in a 2500?

For prospective buyers in the 3/4 ton market, the Aisin transmission is not available in the Ram 2500 (at time of publishing) and is limited to Ram 3500 applications.

Does VIN number tell your transmission?

For many makes, the VIN is always enough information to determine transmission.

Who makes the Ram Aisin transmission?

The AS69RC, aka Aisin, six-speed transmission is an optional gearbox that was first introduced for the ’13 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty and chassis-cab models. That Aisin is a heavy-duty transmission that replaced the AS68RC made for Dodge by the Japanese gearbox manufacturer Aisin Seiki in collaboration with BorgWarner.

Who owns Aisin transmission?

Aisin is a member of the Toyota Group of companies. Aisin was founded in 1965 and supplies engine, drivetrain, body and chassis, aftermarket, and other automotive parts for various major OEMs.

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Does Toyota own Aisin transmission?

Toyota Motor Corporation (“Toyota”) and Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (“Aisin”) have agreed to increase Aisin’s equity participation in Toyota’s subsidiary, Toyota Autoparts Philippines, Inc. (“TAP”), from the current 34% to 61% and to make it Aisin’s subsidiary.

What is Aisin automatic transmission?

Aisin Seiki is a major manufacturer of automobile transmissions. Automatic transmissions. Aisin automatic transmission s are manufactured by Aisin Seiki and Aisin AW, formerly known as Aisin-Warner, and which was established in 1969 as a joint venture between Aisin Seiki and BorgWarner .

Who makes transmissions for Toyota?

Toyota Motor Corporation’s A family is a family of automatic FWD/RWD/4WD/AWD transmissions built by Aisin-Warner. They share much in common with Volvo’s AW7* and Aisin-Warner’s 03-71* transmissions, which are found in Suzukis, Mitsubishis, and other Asian vehicles.